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  • Headway – a target of 90 seconds. For comparison, the London Underground also has an average headway of 90 seconds (some as low as 60 seconds).

  • Dwell time – in common with many underground and tram systems, a target of around 30 seconds.

  • Turning circle – Traktual would operate within the EU turning circle of between 12.5m and 5.3m.

  • Vehicle capacity –  Two Traktual-enabled vehicles linked together could carry 300 people. (See proof here)

  • System capacity – 300 people every 90 seconds would transport 12,000 passengers per hour.

  • Application to existing systems – A number of existing trolleybuses and hybrid vehicles could be adapted to use this system at their existing passenger volumes.

  • Patent information – UK patents GB2464472 and GB2479061 cover these designs.


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