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How do you Make Transportation Green?

Now, if you have this question in mind, you are not alone. Many eco-conscious people look for the best ways to make transportation green. As has been demonstrated regularly, transportation infrastructure in automobiles contributes to health issues, pollution, energy insecurities, and global warming. Therefore, it becomes important for people to switch to greener transportation. If you are among those green lovers looking to make transportation green, then the following are the ways to do so.

What is Green Transportation?

Green transportation refers to a kind of transportation system that doesn’t affect the environment and lives adversely. In the past few years, green transportation expanded a lot, owing to rising gas and petrol prices worldwide. Green transportation is not only important for healthy living but also for the future of our planet. Some of the best examples of green transportation are carpooling, walking, cycling, biofuels, electric/hybrid bikes, and public transportation such as subways, metros, and buses. In today’s scenario where the environment is depleting every day, and people are getting dependent on petrol and gas, which poses a threat to earth, green transportation has become a need of the hour. The following are a few ways we can make our transportation green.

Walk for Short Trips

We all are familiar with the benefits of walking. It lowers blood pressure, helps reduce body fat, and is completely free. Studies have also shown that people overestimate the time it will take to walk and underestimate time-related vehicle journeys. The average walking speed is 6km/hour.

Cycle Instead

Cycling is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. When you compare travelling 10km/week from your car, you would be surprised to know that if you cover this much distance on your bike, you will burn 300 calories and can save over 300 kg of greenhouse emissions each year. Wonderful! Isn’t it?

Solar Powered

You can find solar-powered transportation in many different forms and types. For example, electric vehicles do not need diesel or gasoline to run but use solar power to recharge the batteries. Moreover, there are also hybrid vehicles that use a combination of energy and fuel to run. To make these vehicles greener, recharging them using a renewable energy source like solar is a wise decision.

Biofuel Powered

Some buses, planes, personal vehicles, and other types of public transportation also operate using biofuels as a primary source of energy. Biofuels can be made from a wide range of sources, including algae, soy, switchgrass, tobacco, vegetable oil, cellulose, methane, and a wide range of waste.

Car Pooling

Although carpooling is not a new concept, it is a relevant and quite useful one. This refers to riding together with people travelling to the same location. It cuts down the number of cars on the road, which reduces traffic as well as harmful emissions. Besides this, your ride may be cheaper when you choose to share a vehicle with someone. This incentive is quite helpful for encouraging people to make transportation green.


Traktual is a new green energy transport system that can replace buses as a form of public transport in both urban and rural environments. Traktual works by using an overhead electrical supply system to guide vehicles around the eco-friendly system. Being non-polluting at the point of use, Traktual is a great option to make transportation green.

Eco-friendly transportation like walking, cycling, carpooling and more is not only good for the environment but also helps you save a lot of money. Making transportation green is our contribution to leading healthy lives and making our environment safe. Eco-friendly transportation is the best way to make our environment green. Moreover, it also helps take off the burden from natural resources of the earth like natural gas, petroleum, and oil.

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