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Traktual is the future of green transport.


Invented in Bristol, UK, Traktual aims to be part of the transport ecosystem in both urban and rural areas. It uses the simple infrastructure of an overhead electrical supply system to guide vehicles around the eco-friendly system.

The electrical supply would be six metres above the ground and vehicles would operate within the EU turning circle for articulated vehicles which is tighter than most rail systems.

With control systems to work safely with other road users, vehicles could also be driverless.

Here’s some more technical info.



Traktual vehicles will be non polluting at point of use. They could replace diesel-powered vehicles or be used by adapted hybrid vehicles over parts of their route to reduce diesel pollution. The infrastructure also looks tidier than trolleybus wires.

With multi-car articulated vehicles, the system would carry many more passengers than existing buses or trolleybuses. Guided vehicles would be able to dock to board passengers more quickly, so vehicles can be more frequent, increasing the overall capacity of the system.


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